St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School an Open Contribution to a Gradual Facelift of the School

It has been the wish of every stakeholders of the school, to improve upon conditions of the school to catch up with the status of many modern schools in Ghana.

Below is a list of possible projects to be taken and services to be rendered in the school to achieve the aim stated.

Which of the items below is your priority? Select the numbers (1……x) in boxes provided to show the order of your preference.

Major Projects

  • Assembly Hall
  • Boarding facilities for students
  • Accommodation for staff
  • Water Storage System

                 [1 - 4]

Medium Projects

  • Mini Bus (12 – 15 seater)
  • Covering of main gutter in the school.
  • Landscaping of the school
  • New engine for the Science Resource Centre Bus
  • Organization and refurbishment of the school’s Administration Block.
  • Refurbishment of the school’s ICT Centre.
  • Refurbishment and upgrading of the schools librare
  • Refurbishment and upgrading of the Science Lab.
  • Renovation/ refurbishment of the School Canteen
  • Reinforcement of the school wall.
  • Upgrading the Agricultural Production Unit
  • School Clinic and Sick Bay

                   [1 -12]

Minor Projects

  • Provision of classroom chairs and tables
  • Repairs of classroom doors and locks
  • Renovation of staff bungalows and flats
  • Provision of extra washrooms for students and staff
  • Provision of staff offices
  • Supply of extra plastic chairs for the school assembly hall
  • Good public address system for the school.
  • School Band
  • School siren with good communication system
  • School stand – by electric generator
  • Fire extinguisher
  • One motor-bike, two bicycles
  • School sign board and arch gate
  • Driving away squatters behind the school wall
  • Transporting students to school using the school bus
  • Improving on the electricity system of the school.