Head's Message.

 The students of St. Thomas Aquinas school are very engaging, aspire to be successful and achieve a great deal. The school strives to provide an environment in which they can develop their strengths, overcome barriers and learn to consider others. I have the privilege of leading a harmonious, dedicated and highly capable body of teaching, clerical and technical staff. There is great pride in the school and a real desire to improve the quality of service we offer. The school is strongly supported by its Governing Body.

The school is highly traditional in its approach to student behaviour and attitudes. Students are expected to wear our distinctive uniform. While all members of the school community are expected to behave respectfully to one another, there is an explicit expectation that students will respect their elders, maintaining a wholly courteous manner towards teaching and support staff, adult visitors and members of the general public. In classes, every student is expected to be trying to be a pleasure to teach.

The school’s extra-curricular programme is exceptional and represents a vast amount of voluntary effort on the part of staff; students are expected to avail themselves of appropriate opportunities and to learn the virtues of loyalty and faithfulness.

I hope that you will find this website interesting and that it will provide you with all the information you seek.