The School Anthem

 1st Verse 2nd Verse
We Students of Aquinas In striving for perfection In Spirit, Soul and Body We pray to Most High God With humility and steadfastness We thread the footsteps of our Patron Saint And you O Saint Aquinas We give you thanks and praise And give us understanding And joy and love and peace To you we shout victorious Enlighten, bless and help us
3rd Verse 4th Verse
God Bless you Saint Aquinas For giving us your wisdom Inspire and bless all students Who call upon your name Intelligence and brilliance to You we lift our voices Arise and shout Aquinas Be proud to be a student Stand up with your chest outCall on the name of God To give you love and patience To thread the footsteps of your Patron Saint


Aquinas, Saint Aquinas We plead with you to lead us Aquinas, Saint Aquinas From victory to victory, From victory to victory.